1. electrum receiver child pays for parent, Electrum Wallet Verwendung von "Child Pays for Parent"


    As mentioned earlier, OP_RETURN data from the data is TXhash of its parent node, which is the data from which it can be found by whom. Although this data is written on the child node, but can not be dedested, without the permissions of the parent node, the resulting child node is illegal, then how to determine whether the child node is really generated by the legitimate parent node, this will be used in Bitcoin's own public key system. The child node is labeled with the hash of the parent node, and the metanet transaction of the parent node can be found through hash, the parent node transaction must have the public key (Pparent) that the parent node is used to prove its identity, and metanet requires that the child node be considered to be produced only if the input of the child node has the public key and signature of the parent node. In other words, only the parent node has the right to produce child nodes, which is guaranteed by Bitcoin's signature system. This is also in input in the image above.