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    Hackers have lost more than 200 bitcoins ($750,000) to users since December 21 by attacking the Electrum Bitcoin wallet infrastructure. It is reported that in this attack, the wallet's mobile program will urge users to download malicious wallet updates from the unauthorized GitHub repository, until early December 27 hackers appear to have temporarily stopped the attack, but the administrator of electrum wallet expected a new attack soon, because although the administrator has taken steps to reduce the availability of attackers, but the core vulnerability has not been updated patches to fix. (zdnet)

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    The best crypto wallet in the industry, he argues, is one that connects directly to virtual asset network nodes. This wallet allows users to access personal address data without having to tell third parties what address they are looking for. However, the problem with full nodes is that they don't work very well on the phone and have very high resource requirements. In this case, Simple Payment Verification (SPV) and Neutrino-based wallets are the best choices available because they have enhanced security features that keep all addresses in the user's wallet from being compromised. (AMBCrypto)