1. electrum segwit2x fork, Top 3 Segwit2x Safe Havens


    At this stage of development, the SegWit2x hard fork may begin on November 16, but due to a lack of support from the Bitcoin community, the mining industry and the market, the possibility of SegWit2x blocking development entering most chains is low. So, similar to Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold hard forks, SegWit2x hard forks will simply lead to another Bitcoin fork, while the original Bitcoin blockchain or traditional chain is still the majority chain or "Bitcoin"

  2. electrum segwit2x fork, Breaking News: Segwit2x Fork Cancelled


    On October 17th, at 14:35 p.m., Fire Coin Global Professional Station (FireCoin Pro Station) issued a new announcement proposing a solution for the upcoming Segwit2x hard fork. Huobi.pro's announcement on bitcoin Segwit2x fork processing scheme reminds users that FireCoin Global Professional Station will support BTC conversion after the success or end of Segwit2x fork.

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    This isn't the first time Thatectrum has appeared in a fake version, with hackers developing a fake encrypted wallet, Electrum, in December, resulting in the theft of nearly 250 bitcoins worth about $1 million. In January, GitHub discovered a fake Electrum wallet called "Electrvm" designed to steal users' money. In February, users of encrypted wallets Electrum and MyEtherWallet reported that they were facing phishing attacks.

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    How to make it: Download the electrum client and note the download from the official website electrum.org. (But we also have to be careful, electrum was hacked several times fish, you are still careful to do well, according to the Eectrum is to use the GPG signature to please verify the client to ensure security, today first do not write, because this is really a bit cumbersome, the official website also has a step-by-step teaching, but it is only in English)

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    More than 140,000 machines were called into forming a "botnet" to attack Electrum's servers, The Next Web reported. Moreover, the attacker apparently deliberately directed the user to use a malicious server posing as an Electrum server, and could immediately steal their bitcoins as soon as the user synchronized their wallet with such servers.