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    By default, electrum wallets are randomly connected to a set of Electrum servers. From a privacy perspective, this is not a good thing because it discloses your wallet address and balance to unknown third parties. And unfortunately, many public Electrum servers are run by individuals or groups of blockchain analytics companies or worse. Therefore, if you are using an Electrum wallet, it is generally recommended that you run your own Electrum server and then connect the wallet to that server.

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    Ethereum domain names are typically used to create readable addresses, so for most users, registering enS may increase the likelihood that an account will be associated. Of course, this is not absolute, if the user needs to register some random, meaningless or can not be associated with the user's own identity ENS address, it may be useful to use anonymous address. Otherwise, it is not recommended to register ENS with an anonymous address, perhaps with an address that previously exposed privacy risks.

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    Bitcoin Wallet Electrum now supports Lightning Online Payments According to Coindesk July 11th, Bitcoin Wallet Electrum now supports Lightning Web Payments. It has previously been reported that Bitcoin Wallet Electrum has released a beta version of Electrum 4.0, adding support for the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

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    This update prompt is not an official act of Electrum, but a phishing attack by an attacker that exploits a message flaw on the Electrum client and the ElectrumX server, which requires the attacker to deploy the malicious ElectrumX server in advance, and the malicious server is localized by the user's Electrum client (because the Electrum client is a light wallet and the user needs the ElectrumX server to broadcast the transaction). At the time of the madness, malicious ElectrumX servers accounted for as many as 71% of the total, and according to incomplete statistics, hundreds of bitcoins have been stolen in this phishing attack over the past year or so.