1. electrum client not connecting, Connect to Azure Virtual Desktop Windows 10 or 7 - Azure


    Because of the need to consider the issue of packet loss when connecting, if only 2 handshakes, the second handshake if the service side to the client's confirmation message segment is lost, at this time the service side is ready to send and receive (understandably the service side has been connected successfully) data, and the client has been confiscated to the service side of the confirmation message, so the client does not know whether the service side is ready (can be understood to be the client did not connect successfully), the client will not send data to the service end, but also ignore the data sent by the service end.

  2. apmex electrum, What Bitcoin wallets are?


    Electrum is another popular Bitcoin wallet that has been around for nearly a decade. Electrum Bitcoin Wallet has been available for all devices since 2011 and was one of the most widely used wallet applications before other alternatives emerged. There are still a lot of people who are still swearing at the Electrum wallet.