1. how to use electrum from phone?


    Presets at the time of production require the central bank to obtain prior authorization from mobile phone manufacturers to use their TEEs. The central bank's digital currency wallet APP does not need to pre-position the phone at the factory, but its trusted application (TA) section in TEE should obtain the signature of the phone manufacturer in advance so that the phone can be installed and run after the user downloads it. How smartphones use their Rootof Trust for secure start-up and verification of TA authorization is beyond the scope of this article and is not expanded.

  2. selectrum-prescient, Strange fuzzy highlighting with prescient


    This year because of the outbreak, global economic changes led to Bitcoin and financial markets strong correlation, the currency market for 7x24 hours trading, liquidity is better than traditional assets, when global financial markets were hit hard, capital is looking for the best safe haven, unexpectedly, gold at this time lost the safe-haven role, holding cash is the best way to avoid risk, and the most liquid encrypted assets priority is cashed out, resulting in 312 extreme collapse. For those who haven't experienced the Black Swan event, risk awareness is poor, and most people don't have the prescient awareness that Buffett has, constantly cashing in and hoarding a lot of cash. This year's market changes so that investors improve a cognitive level, increased risk awareness, currency market and peripheral market linkage weakened, on the one hand, market liquidity is a reason, another can not be ignored is that people learned to control risk, will not put funds into a single asset, also know the importance of position management, the market tends to be rational. Wei Hao thinks this is a very positive phenomenon, and then will promote Bitcoin on a healthy slow bull market, such a market is what we most look forward to.