1. electrum store ether, electrum store eth


    Chain News, lightweight Bitcoin Wallet Electrum announced that the next version will support Lightning network payment, implemented using Python, Electrum as a Lightning network node, wallet users do not need to run lightning network nodes to make payments, electrum lightning network nodes have been merged into the Electrum master branch.

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    April 15 (Xinhua) -- Google has removed 49 Chrome extensions from its online store disguised as legitimate cryptocurrency wallet apps such as Ledger, MyEtherWallet, Trezor, electrum, but containing malicious code designed to steal encrypted wallet keys, mnprint phrases and other original secrets, according to ZDNet.

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    Vulcano will allow users to run their full or primary node from the TOR address or IPV6 address. We are committed to adding complete TOR nodes to enhance the TOR network itself and the Bulwark user experience running in TOR mode only. A unique feature supported by TOR MAS -ternode is the ability to operate your primary node as a TOR hidden service. TOR nodes enable users with a stable Internet connection to operate the primary node outside their home network without exposing their location or the privacy implications of possible attacks or compromises on their home network.

  4. encrypt electrum, Is an electrum encrypted wallet prone to brute force attacks?


    According to slow fog zone news, Electrum fake upgrade tips of the phishing attack has stolen at least 200 BTC, this attack by upgrading Electrum alone can not be avoided, the need for the entire ecological service to make corresponding changes (because Electrum this client is not a full node, and then on the transaction broadcast and the corresponding service side of the message communication, attackers can also deploy malicious server). Slow fog zones remind users that phishing attacks like Electrum require long-term vigilance. The slow fog zone has previously issued an alert for selectrum phishing updates, and hackers who attacked Electrum wallets used Electrum's software to unusually construct malicious software update prompts to induce users to update and download malware usage.

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    Digital wallet developer Electrum has released an emergency patch saying it found a vulnerability that could lead any website hosting Electrum to steal a user's digital currency, exposing passwords to the JOHNSONRPC interface and ingelling hackers full control of the wallet. Earlier, Electrum released the first patch, but it didn't seem to solve the problem, and they released a second update urgently Sunday night local time.

  6. how to make electrum not watch only?


    We play is not leverage, there is no need to care too much about short-term ups and downs, retail advantages only time, other than the bookmaker, only we do the right thing at the right time, then it is not difficult to make money, waiting for the market slowly warm up, the technology of the circle brother watch will not let everyone down, the money earned also have to earn, retail do not understand the watch plate does not matter, join our hundred-dollar community, circle brother real disk to take you flying.