1. electrum yubikey, Wallet + Yubikey ?


    Based on the WebAuthn protocol adopted by EOS 2.0, block.one and Yubico partnered to release the hardware wallet EOS YubiKey. EOS users can use EOS YubiKey to sign up for on-chain transactions via WebAuthn. It acts like the EOS browser plug-in walletscatter.

  2. moving funds from electrum to bank account, el electrum


    According to the official announcement of Bobo, it will open the EL recharge business at 14:00 Singapore time on May 10, and the EL/USDT trading pair at 14:00 Singapore time on May 11, opening the cash withdrawal business simultaneously. May 10, 14:00 - May 11, 13:00 period, users in the wave network recharge EL, you can sit on 8 million EL tokens reward, first-come-first-shoving.