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    Blockchain boom, mobile phone manufacturers afraid to miss. Since entering 2018, Candy, Changhong, Lenovo, HTC have launched blockchain mobile phones. Among them, candy Genesis blockchain mobile phone, Changhong R8 Kirin mobile phone are mainly mining function, Lenovo S5 main payment security, HTC Exodus is the main blockchain pet game function. In the blockchain and mobile phone technology industry.

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    At the beginning of 2018, along with the domestic blockchain trend, several domestic mobile phone manufacturers have released blockchain mobile phones, namely, Candy Genesis s11, Changhong r8, Lenovo S5. A few months later, htc also announced that it would release the blockchain phone HTC Exodus. Interestingly, these handset makers call their phones the first blockchain phones.

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    RSA operations result in signature content that, if short, can be easily modified to what the attacker wants, so it is generally necessary to hash the signature content once and populate it to a length similar to that of the private key. In addition, as computing power grows, the length of the key needs to grow to prevent it from being cracked, and the key length currently considered secure is 2048bit. At the same time RSA's private key generation requires a combination of two mass numbers, so finding a longer private key is slower to compute.

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    "Citadel21 Launches "Bulltardia" Comics Contains Seed Phrases worth 0.1BTC Bitcoin theme magazine Citadel21 launches a series of comics called "Bulltardia", in which a 12-word seed phrase is hidden throughout the comic's story, and those who crack the seed phrase will receive a 0.1BTC reward. Currently, the comic is only available for the second series, and the story will be released gradually in the coming months. (Decrypt)