what should my transaction fee be in electrum, what transaction fee electrum


If the transaction fee is high enough than your transaction fee, then your trade must wait in line. This waiting process can be a few minutes or hours. Even a few days. The higher the transaction fee you pay, the faster the miner will process your transaction.

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In this transaction, the transaction fee is 0. If a handling fee is paid in the transaction, the input and output will result in a difference. (e.g., input 10.89 BTC, output 10.88 BTC, transaction fee s 0.01 BTC)

What we need to understand is that the phrase "fee-based tokens" has two meanings: one is ZRX as a fee and the other is that the transaction token itself is a handling fee.

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Transaction Fee (Transaction Fee)

Transaction Fee (Transaction Fee)

Qtum Electrum Tutorial Qtum Electrum Light Wallet.

Exemption of the ERC-20 token transaction fee (meta-transaction), payment of the gas fee using the proxy node, or use token to pay the transaction fee (in the absence of ather)

What it means to set a fee, and it's harder to benefit from short-term operations. In the case of TPT, it takes up to 2 years to get a low transaction fee if you hold it long enough to get a 1% fee.

what should my transaction fee be in electrum

what should my transaction fee be in electrum

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The latest version of Electrum 4.0, the Bitcoin wallet, was released On Wednesday, adding support for the Bitcoin Lightning Network, according to Decrypt. The service can be enabled through Electrum's application or through the command-line interface. In an application, the user must search the Information section to open it. The new version of Electrum also supports "Submarine Swaps", allowing people to return bitcoins on the chain in exchange for a lightning version for a fee.

In the end, you've completed your first transaction with the Electrum Wallet.

Report: Bitcoin's one-day transaction fee is four times that of BCH and BSV's one-year transaction fee.

There are currently many fee estimation sites available. The most famous is bitcoinfees.21.co. However, the site's estimation algorithm is not accurate, and sometimes even suggests five times more than the actual fee required. The best way to do this is to check the minimum fee for the latest block. For example, you can click on the latest blocks on the Blockchain.info website. Scroll to the bottom to see some of the trades in the block, as the transaction with the lowest transaction fee is usually at the bottom. Look at the fees for these transactions and set your own fees slightly higher than that. Then your transaction should be included to the next block. Many wallets do not currently support custom fees, which can cost users a lot of fees. I strongly recommend waiting a while when there are more transactions in the memory pool, and then transfer your currency to an address where you can customize the fee. You can google which wallets support custom fees, which are currently supported by Electrum and Bitcoin Core.

Zepbpay's platform transaction fee is 0.4% of the transaction fee for corporate and trust clients. For retail customers, according to the Zebpay platform, "the transaction fee for our entire platform is zero"

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ETH consumes a total of 21,000 Gas, so the total transaction fee is up to 2100 ETH. It is not known what caused the error.

Uniswap charges a uniform 0.3% fee for all markets. By using Balancer certain pools you can have your own unique exchange fees. Some research will be required in RealT to simulate the best cost. But my gut feeling is that it's well above the Unixwap default of 0.3%. For example, if the transaction fee for buying and selling real estate IIR is 3% for both buyers and sellers, the total will be 6%. Some voices say it should be between 0.3% and 3%, which sounds reasonable but requires more research.