what should my transaction fee be in electrum?


The good news is that another set of blockchain technologies was developed based on this issue. My bet is similar to nanotechnology (block lattice), which can be offered without charging a transaction fee.

Q9:" In my opinion, the current price of IRIS should be grossly undervalued. What do you think of this problem? What are you going to do about it? "

If friends who have been miners should know that when the FT introduced 20% registered rebates, the rules of the game actually changed. Because this mechanism of 20% rebate is in fact risk-free arbitrage. For example, I sign up for two accounts, one large and one small, and under the 20% registration rebate policy, my large number can get 120% of the small transaction mining fee back. That is, I only need to register two accounts, each transaction, the net profit fee of 20% equivalent FT.

Neutral neutrality means that I have the right to control my assets at will. When I initiate a transaction, the blockchain should not interfere with who receives the money, what the money will be used for, but should only be responsible for handling the transaction safely.

This week, a number of high-fee transfers emerged on the Ethereum network, with spark pools packing the first unusual transaction freezing the fees pending contact from the sender of the transaction. 'If my understanding is correct, the pool that dug into this block is the owner of the huge transfer fee and everything on the ETH chain is frozen,' BM said on Twitter. It's no different from an exchange freezing funds. When we criticize other networks, we should try to be fair.

Electrum is a popular software wallet that works by connecting to a dedicated server. These servers receive a hash of the Bitcoin address in the wallet and reply with transaction information. Electrum wallets are fast and have few resources, but by default, it connects to these servers and can easily monitor users. In addition to Electrum, some other software uses public Electrum servers. By 2019, it is a faster and better alternative to BIP37.

what should my transaction fee be in electrum

what should my transaction fee be in electrum

Introduce a dynamic fee system as a free market, remove fixed fees for all transaction types, and set a minimum fee in the agreement. This minimum fee will be based on the LSK per byte used in the transaction, any transaction broadcast at a fee below this value will be rejected and the user will be free to choose the fee for each transaction.

What my friends should be concerned about is, what impact will this financial crisis have on Bitcoin?

Transaction fee reductions will be implemented at higher discounts in the user-entitled transaction fee rate.

Transaction fee reductions will be implemented at higher discounts in the user-entitled transaction fee rate.

He later updated his post, adding: "If you don't have a wallet password, the theft is trivial." If your wallet password is set well, it seems that an attacker can only get address/transaction information from your wallet and change your Electrum settings, which, in my opinion, have a good chance of being further exploited by hackers. So, if you set your wallet password, you can reduce your panic to a certain extent, but you should still take it seriously. "

In addition, for the sake of a simple reasoning process, assuming that each transaction occupies the same block size, directly compare each transaction fee, extend to the general situation, with a unit byte fee instead of each transaction fee can be.

In order to keep your funds safe, you will again be asked to verify that there is a problem sending the transaction, you can see the address of the purpose of the transaction you want to send, the amount sent, the miner's fee. Explain the miner's fee in detail here: The miner's fee is what you send this deal to, it is necessary for the miner to put your transaction into the block chain, the miner will charge a fee, bit sent and received two functions without any handling fees. In addition, because blocks can sometimes be congested and so on, bits have set up a dynamic miner's fee, which is the most appropriate miner's fee based on the size of the deal you send. Therefore, I suggest that you use dynamic miner fees to prevent trading for long periods of time without confirmation and other special circumstances. Often users reflect that I have 0.1 coins in my wallet ah, why do I send 0.1 coins but send a prompt balance is not enough? You should consider the miner's fee, the miner's fee is deducted from your balance, so try to leave enough miner's fee.

Blocked again" "This fee is too expensive" "Why my transaction can not be confirmed."

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This is yet another lesson in the security of cryptocurrencies that have just come to a head. The user, ask_for_pgp, wrote on Reddy.com: 'I copied and pasted the BTC address into Electrum, a Bitcoin wallet, and confirmed the Bitcoin transaction information. The clipboard, however, will take my.

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee proposed a "minimum transaction signal fee" at an event in San Francisco. In his view, the current transaction fee pricing power is not in the hands of miners, resulting in: 1. transaction fees can not be marketed, miners lack a voice; 2. SPV (simple payment verification) users are difficult to calculate transaction costs, 3. pricing power is in the hands of developers. He suggests that miners should be allowed to set minimum fees that they can accept, on the one hand, miners have the incentive to set the necessary prices;

I copy and paste the BTC address to Electrum (a Bitcoin wallet) and confirm the Bitcoin transaction information. The clipboard, on the other hand, swaps my Bitcoin address for the purpose of my . . . to a different address.