electrum request amount optional, When you request an amount, do they have to send you exactly that amount?


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In recent days, hackers or hacker groups have stolen more than 200 bitcoins worth about $750,000 by attacking the infrastructure of electrum Bitcoin wallets. The attacker is targeting Electrum.

If you want to make an asynchronous request, most functions allow you to pass an optional callback function that follows the argument list to support asynchronous. The callback function supports error-first callback mode, Error First.

On December 27, Reddit user u/normal_rc reported that Electrum's wallet had been hacked and that nearly 250 bitcoins (243.6 BTCs, nearly $1 million) had been maliciously stolen, coinelegraph reported. Electrum then confirmed that the attack included creating a fake version of the wallet to trick users into providing password information. Electrum responded on Twitter that "this is a persistent phishing attack on Electrum users" and warned users not to download Electrum from any source other than the official website.

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When an Electrum wallet queries a third-party Electrum server, the server can link two transactions together and know which address is a zero address.

In a blog post, Malwarebytes, an antimalware software company, said the number of infected Electrum Bitcoin wallets had reached 152,000 after the server was attacked by DoS, Cointegraph reported. Malwarebytes found that the number of infected machines in botnets had reached 152,000, and the total amount of stolen funds had risen to $4.6 million. The company identified a loader called Trojan.BeamWinHTTP, which also involved downloading previously detected Electrum DoSMiner.

Electrum Wallet Bitcoin.

Electrum Wallet Bitcoin.

In this demo, Electrum developer Chris Belcher shows how to set up and use an Electrum personal server.

According to Bleeping Computer, the Bitcoin wallet app Electrom was on GitHub on May 9th, accusing a phishing product called Electrum Pro of stealing a user's seed key and registering a domain name called electrum without Electrum's permission. The Electrum team noted that there was a piece of code indicating that the counterfeit product might have taken the user's seed key and uploaded it to the electrum. Affected users should transfer funds from Bitcoin URLs managed by Eletrum Pro.

Click OK to transfer money by entering the recipient's address (hint, which cannot be retrieved if you enter the error), the amount of the transfer, and the note (the note is optional).

Qtum Electrum synchronously updates electrum-related code.

Optional has also added several new methods, such as now giving optional easy conversion to a stream, or providing another optional to an empty optional.

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electrum request amount optional

electrum request amount optional

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Bitcoin wallet Electrum now supports Lightning online payments, according to Coindesk on July 11. It has previously been reported that Bitcoin Wallet Electrum has released a beta version of Electrum 4.0, adding support for the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Receive Lightning Bitcoin: Select lightning network reception method, enter the receive amount, and create a request.