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Today, electrum Wallet's official Twitter feed repeatedly alerted users to hacking attacks.

Wallet Qtum Electrum

Wallet Qtum Electrum

The Litecoin Foundation is migrating from electrum-LTC wallets to BitGo wallets.

A new repo qtum-electrum-new was built to add qtum-related features to the latest code for Bitcoin electrum.

(Malware, Attack) Electrum DDoS botnet reaches 152,000 infected hosts.

Double Flower Attack Double Spend Attack.

Double Flower Attack Double Spend Attack.

point in the hub that one double spend will force the whole hub into recovery.

After halving, $10,000 can double-spend attack BCH, BSV? There are two major misconceptions.

Dynamic . . . Electrum wallet attacked nearly 250 bitcoins were stolen.

In recent days, hackers or hacker groups have stolen more than 200 bitcoins worth about $750,000 by attacking the infrastructure of electrum Bitcoin wallets. The attacker is targeting Electrum.

and Android system. Installing Electrum requires you to write down a 12-word seed to help you recover your wallet on multiple devices. If you forget your private key, this seed can also make Electrum look more human. In addition, Electrum has a "cold storage" mode where you don't have to pay Bitcoin to view your balance.

A new version of Electrum Wallet v0.18.16 was released.

Dash Electrum was released, renamed Dash-Electrum, adding the option to use Tor Proxy at startup, according to Dash Coin. DASH is now trading at $159, down 3.26 percent.

Electrum is a well-known light wallet for Bitcoin that adds new features such as server authentication using SSL to prevent MITM attacks. So unlike other Bitcoin light wallets, Electrum cannot communicate directly with different versions of Bitcoin full nodes, and each startup connects to electrumserver to communicate, and electrum.

The Litecoin Foundation will migrate from electrum-LTC wallets to BitGo wallets.

Electrum-LTC is Electrum's community maintenance port, Litecoin's Bitcoin wallet. It is not the official product of Electrum Technologies GmbH, and it is not supported.

Qtum Electrum 0.18.4 released

Qtum Electrum 0.18.4 released

Previously, we have talked about how UTXO solves the first type of problem in the double-spend problem, but there is another case of double-spend problem, that is, after the bookkeeping of the double-spend problem, that is, although a sum of money is used only once, but if someone through hacking the bank or the use of fraud, the money copied one, again how to do? To solve this problem, blockchain has added the concept of timestamps.

The Electrum team has announced the attack in an official tweet, saying that "this is an ongoing phishing attack on Electrum users" and reminding users to check the authenticity of the client's source before logging in. The team published its official website, and electrum clients downloaded elsewhere may be problematic.

In short, to prevent double-spend attacks, a basic principle is that the probability of losing money to an attacker is much higher than the probability that you will be double-spended.

Double Spend means that the same amount of money was spent twice or more.

The double eleven is over, and the Atlas Smartdrop message contest is perfect. The difference is, double eleven you want to spend flowers, star-route activities are we send.

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