electrum cash showing 0 bcc, r/Bitcoincash - PROBLEM: Electron Cash wallet showing 0 BCH after trying to set up from Electrum seed - any ideas why?


On August 1, 2017, a group of miners led by ViaBTC may create a Bitcoin Fork Bitcoin Cash (BCC). Bitcoin investors, however, should not panic about the BCC.

Cash, so abbreviated as BCC is a very natural thing. But before Bitcoin cash was born, there was a project to market in the name of cryptocurrencies, also known by the code abbreviation BCC. In order to avoid user confusion, a few months after its birth, the community decided to change the BCC to BCH, which is still in use today. Surprisingly, shortly after the name BCH was launched, the MLM project called BCC was hung up.

Breadwallet Bitcoin Wallet is about to fully support Bitcoin Cash BCC.

electrum cash showing 0 bcc

electrum cash showing 0 bcc

Bitcoin Cash has been around for a month since it was born on August 1. Many people were not very optimistic about the BCC before it was born, thought it would be "dead." But instead of showing the tenacity these people think, Bitcoin Cash has shown its tenacity, troping through the middle of the month.

Bitcoin Cash BCC get more and more support to escape the Hard Fork on August 1st?

On August 1 this year, ViaBTC, a subsidiary of mining giant Bitteland, officially implemented a hard fork in Bitcoin block height of 478558, after which a new currency was created, named Bitcoin Cash, or Bit Cash (BCC). Bitcoin Cash claims to have removed the quarantined witness code, adding block capacity to support up to 8M, as well as dynamic difficulty adjustments. In addition, since BCC is a new currency generated from BTC forking, all BTC holders will receive the same amount of BCC free of charge on a 1:1 scale, the total amount of BCC is the same as BTC. Most of the world's major digital currency exchanges now support BCC trading.

FireCoin Pro announced the change of the BCC short name for Bitcoin Cash to BCH, announcing that Fire Coin Professional Station will upgrade the system on December 19, 2017 at 15:00, and that the initials Bitcoin Cash will be changed from the existing "BCC" to "BCH". After that, "BCC" on the platform will not represent Bitcoin cash.

Several exchanges that had insisted on not opening BCC services were also relieved, with this morning's news showing that Coinbase had compromised in favour of the BCC.

On August 1, 2017, a group of miners led by ViaBTC may create a Bitcoin fork, Bitcoin Cash (BCC). Bitcoin investors, however, should not panic about the emergence of the BCC.

Bitcoin Cash Classic (BCC)

Bitcoin Cash Classic (BCC)

In fact, BitCoin Cash (BCC) has also voluntarily ceded the title to Bitcoin Cash.

According to Bittrex officials, the exchange will temporarily take LGD, BCC and SWIFT offline for three hours at 0:00 BST on June 21 for symbol conversion. After conversion, LGD becomes MORE, BCC becomes BCH, and SWIFT becomes BITS.

BCC, BCH Name: Bitcoin Cash Chinese Name: Bitcoin Cash.

After we support BCC, users will be able to cash out BCC. We will make a decision in a few days on whether to increase trading support. During this time, the user's BCC will be stored securely in Coinbase.