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Through this static registration method and the dependency between plug-ins, the system indirectly registers all plug-ins into the system before the system starts.

Some attackers are using malicious browser plug-ins or infected legitimate plug-ins to execute cryptocurrencies mining scripts.

MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome plug-ins)

Users can manage all plug-ins in Plug-in Manager, which is part of where developers can create their own plug-ins or load local plug-ins into Remix apps.

A short article on the plug-in. All the plug-ins that appear in this article are my favorites, and if you also use other plug-ins but I didn't mention them, you're welcome to recommend them in the comments area.

PipelineMaven integration plug-ins 3.8.2 and earlier.

Use plug-ins.

Use plug-ins.

Software system, there is a full set of capture software, real-time animation refineed plug-ins, real-time rendering plug-ins, fast-tuning systems and so on.

and other plug-ins, including plug-in types such as Vulnerability Scan Plug-in, Creep Plug-in, Stand-alone Plug-in, No Interactive Plug-in, and Interactive Plug-in.

Second, call the plug-in's plugin_requires template method, load the other plug-ins on which the plug-in depends, and execute the startup method of the other plug-ins through the Lambda expression.

Custom development integration plug-ins (snortsam) with Snortsam's extended capabilities: Snort has a plug-in mechanism that provides pre-processing plug-ins and processing plug-ins. This plug-in supports custom development and loading in Snort. Therefore, the first implementation is to customize the development plug-in, when a rule match is detected, call the firewall of the remote or corresponding host, there will be intrusion ip and port, establish a corresponding one.

Generally we download plug-ins in the plug-in market is not a big problem, but who knows, many people download plug-ins are still in the third party unknown way to download, plug-ins are basically watching you all the way online, you browse any web pages they look at in the eyes.

Chrome plug-ins.

Chrome plug-ins.

Support for VS Code plug-ins. Rich plug-in ecosystem, let you choose the plug-in you like.

An interesting feature of Electrum is that it supports third-party plug-ins and can bring other functionality to it. And some of these plug-ins support multi-signature wallets (separate the permissions to consume token between wallets) and hardware wallets. Compared to BitcoinCore.

In Vim, the plug-in is just a script and must be placed in the correct position in runtimepath to execute. Conceptually, the installation of plug-ins is simple: just download the file. The problem is that it's hard to delete or update some plug-ins because their subderies are added to runtimepath, and it's hard to tell which plug-ins are responsible for which files.