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In November 2017, segwit2x organizers announced the suspension of the original hard fork, the same month Bitcoin exceeded $10,000.

Bitcoin prices have been volatile over the past week, largely because of its sudden cancellation of the SegWit2x hard fork and the popularity of Bitcoin cash. Bitcoin Cash has become a major beneficiary of the end of the SegWit2x hard fork.

An advocate for the controversial Bitcoin hard fork SegWit2x, Garzik is no stranger to controversy in the crypto-development community.

The development team behind Segwit2x, a controversial plan to increase trading capabilities in Bitcoin blocks, finally plans to announce a specific hard fork date today. A copy of the upcoming blog post obtained by CoinDesk shows the Segwit2x team plan.

Segwit2x fork called off Bitcoin cash surges 130% in two days

Bitcoin Segwit2x Fork Stimulation.

Bitcoin Segwit2x Fork Stimulation.

SegWit2x (B2X) Hard Fork - Protect you and your cryptocurrencies, Part II: Investment Strategies.

For investors holding bitcoins, every hard fork will enjoy a fork candy, there will be an extra fork in hand, assets will increase, of course, a good thing. And if the SegWit2X fork is successful, it will also bring indirect benefits such as lower transaction costs. So some analysts believe it was investors' expectations of the benefits of the SegWit2X fork that led to the recent surge in bitcoin.

Will the controversial Bitcoin SegWit2X fork be rebooted on December 28th?

Based on a large number of user feedback and suggestions, as well as the team still adhere to the implementation of the segwit2X fork, from the interests of the vast number of users, OKEx decided to suspend the launch of Segwit2x hard fork failure processing. Processing options will be based on follow-up developments to Segwit2x and we will be notified of the latest developments.

On October 6, 2017, Bitcoin.org issued a statement condemning Segwit2x Hard Forks and companies involved in the project, and plans to add banners on every page of the site explaining the November Hard Fork incident and its risks. Bitcoin circles have become increasingly exciting lately, as many supporters of digital currencies battle for the Segwit2x hard fork in November.

SegWit2x expansion has been controversial since the New York Consensus was announced in May. And as the 2MB hard fork time approaches (originally scheduled for block height of 494784, around November 16), the community's debate over SegWit2x is intensifying.

Supporters of Bitcoin's controversial SegWit2X hard fork have just announced that the split will be restarted. Bitcoin's Segwit2x, also known as the NYA protocol, requires specific changes to Bitcoin blockchain rules.

"Segwit2x hard fork is an upgrade," says Bobby Lee, founder of Bitcoin China (BTCC)

electrum segwit2x fork

electrum segwit2x fork

At this stage of development, the SegWit2x hard fork may begin on November 16, but due to a lack of support from the Bitcoin community, the mining industry and the market, the possibility of SegWit2x blocking development entering most chains is low. So, similar to Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold hard forks, SegWit2x hard forks will simply lead to another Bitcoin fork, while the original Bitcoin blockchain or traditional chain is still the majority chain or "Bitcoin"