turn off rbf electrum, unable to turn off RBF for Timelocked txns


Qtum Electrum synchronously updates electrum-related code and releases v0.18.9.

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RBF function.

RBF function.

A new repo qtum-electrum-new was built to add qtum-related features to the latest code for Bitcoin electrum.

Bitcoin Wallet Electrum confirms a phishing attack against its users, reminding them not to download Electrum Wallet software from any channel other than the official website. Earlier media reports said Electrum users had maliciously stolen millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies. Hackers create Electrum wallet software with malicious code, induce users to download, and trick users into providing login information such as passwords to commit theft.

Turn off Microsoft heap dump noise.

Core developers are fierce about bitpay because bitpay does not support RBF payments.

Bitapay rejected the bitcoin core developer's transaction because it did not accept Bitcoin RBF transfers.

Since 2013, there has been an interest in changing the default policy to alternative fees (RBF)

B: Electrum server can customize messages to appear in the user's electrum light wallet software, giving hackers a chance to broadcast phishing messages.

turn off rbf electrum

turn off rbf electrum

Because BTC/BCH nodes now have a minimum fee limit, transactions below 1 s/byte do not help you broadcast at many nodes. So another ancillary method that fraudsters will use to increase their success rate is to use RBF transactions, which will set tx2 as RBF transactions, and then add a higher fee to tx2 after both tx1 and tx2 have been issued to entice miners to pack tx2 first. Note that BCH cannot use RBF.

Shunto touch melon, open the github of the electrum, we find the following code in the electrum/electrum/ecc.py.

The Electrum team has announced the attack in an official tweet, saying that "this is an ongoing phishing attack on Electrum users" and reminding users to check the authenticity of the client's source before logging in. The team published its official website, and electrum clients downloaded elsewhere may be problematic.