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The Healthy Security Lab is concerned that Nearly 250 bitcoins have been stolen in a recent hacking attack on an Electrum wallet. This attack, confirmed by Electrum, involves creating a fake version of the wallet to trick users into providing password information. Electrum responded on Twitter that it was an ongoing phishing attack on Electrum users and advised them to download wallets from the official website.

We will continue to monitor and track further movements of funds after a recent user submitted a coin-losing incident claiming that the download used an Electrum wallet had been phishing attack, losing more than 700 bitcoins, and that the stolen address had been added to the Devi AML system. It is reported that malicious website (electrumsecure) fake E) fake Electrum website to carry out phishing attacks, guide users to download and use the wallet, in order to steal the user's private key and other sensitive data. Devi Security Labs is here to remind users not to install unknown sources of Electrum wallets, to avoid asset losses.

The latest version of UBTC Electrum Light Wallet V3.3.1 is available for download.

Download Electrum for OS X.

Download Electrum for OS X.

In December 2018, Slow Fog first discovered and alerted an attacker to a messaging flaw using the Electrum wallet client, forcing an "update prompt" to pop up during a user's currency transfer operation, inducing users to update and download malware to carry out a currency theft attack, according to Slow Fog. Although electrum officials said in early 2019 that some security mechanisms would be in place to prevent this "update phishing", many users of Electrum are still in the old version (less than 3.3.4) and the old version is still under threat. However, we do not rule out a similar threat to the new version.

The program checks the consistency of the download file and compares its size to the hard-coded value. If the file size is different, the program repeatedly tries to download the payload until the downloaded file size is equal to the hard-coded value. The common file naming rules are: encrypted 7 hex digits.bin.

Electrum Wallet does not download external scripts. Even if your server is hacked, you won't lose money.

Download some additional hundreds of gigabytes of data through Tor so that the total download bandwidth is not the size of the blockchain.

In this demo, Electrum developer Chris Belcher shows how to set up and use electrum personal servers.

In addition, small partners who have used Electrum wallets should be aware that with Thecret phrase generated by Electrum, we can recover bitcoin keys on any browser using the Bitcoin Wallet web tool. And Electrum is so secure that there is no evidence that the distributed attack prevention system designed by Dark Wallet will be due to Electrum.

Customer sends a storage request with file size, storage length and other terms (e.g. download fee)

January 19, 2018 - For the first time in December 2018, we discovered and alerted an attacker to a messaging flaw that exploited the Electrum wallet client to force an "update prompt" to pop up when a user transfers money, inducing users to update and download malware to carry out a currency theft attack.

Electrum LTC software will download a .dmg file.

Electrum LTC software will download a .dmg file.

All images are in 1920x1200 format, with a download size of approximately 3.1 GB. Roboflow also offers a downsampling to 512x512 (download size approx. 580 MB) for most common machine learning models including YOLO v3, Mask R-CNN, SSDs, and mobile networks

A new repo qtum-electrum-new has been built to add qtum-related features to the latest code for Bitcoin electrum.